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Reducing online return rates for Vögele Shoes

Case Study

Discover here how the Swiss retailer Vögele Shoes used our technology to improve their conversion rate and reduce their product returns.

For Vögele Shoes, the biggest barriers to conversion were online shoe fitting and size selection. They set up a 3-month trial to determine the impact of the Size Advisor® on their e-commerce.

The results speak for themselves:

  ✔ a better shopping experience increased their conversions
  ✔ return rates dropped by almost -20% when shoppers use our technology

Download the case study to the right and find out all the details: the exact stats they got when providing our technology to their shoe shoppers.


"The project with ShoeSize.Me is a great success and has achieved a benefit of several thousand Swiss Francs during the first couple of months already."

Sabine Schwärzler, Head of eCommerce, Vögele Shoes