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Increasing Conversion Rates for Koala.ch

Case Study

Discover how footwear retailer Koala.ch boosted conversion rates by 4.1x.

Koala.ch is a Swiss online shoe store featuring hundreds of brands and offering top-level customer service along with free shipping & returns. Due to their business model, it was vital to increase conversions and limit returns stemming from sizing errors.

After 11 months of having the Size Advisor® installed on their e-commerce, Koala.ch achieved:

 ✔ Higher conversion rates
 ✔ Lower return rates
 ✔ Increased net revenue per visit

“... ShoeSize.Me has helped us significantly to convert insecure shoppers while reducing returns. A must-have for any online shoe retailer."

Matthias Fröhlicher, Co-Founder at Koala.ch

Download the case study now to get full insights into how Koala.ch boosted their business.

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