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Increasing Conversion Rates for ANWR Media GmbH

Case Study

Discover how Schuhe.de boosted conversion rates by 3.4x.


ANWR Group Parent company of www.schuhe.de , a website trusted by over 800 shoes stores as a platform for online sales.
ANWR teamed up with ShoeShoes to build customers confidence in purchasing shoes online. ANWR wanted to eradicate any sizing doubts in the buying process. 

Download the study to get the details about how our Size Advisor® helped ANWR to:

 ✔ Increase conversion rates
 ✔ Achieve low return rates


“...ShoeSize.me has had a very high on impact on our sales by drastically improving our conversion rate.
An intelligent machine learning tool is a big advantage in a footwear industry where sizing is not consistent and essential for Schuhe.de where we offer over 150,000 shoes on our website. "

Gregor Benhart Managing Director ANWR Media GmbH

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