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Increasing Conversion Rates for Peter Kaiser

Case Study

Discover how Peter Kaiser boosted conversion rates by 3.7x.


Peter Kaiser a luxury shoe brand with over 175 years in the footwear industry. Providing classic and modern shoes to women worldwide with a famous German focus on quality.

Peter Kaiser teamed up with ShoeSizeMe in November 2018 with a view to reducing their return rates and improving customer confidence in sizing. With hundreds of shoes on the website and orders coming from all corners of the globe it is vital for Peter Kaiser to get the sizing right for customers at the first time of asking.

Download the study to get the details about how our Size Advisor® helped Peter Kaiser  to:

 ✔ Reduce return rates
 ✔ Increase revenues

“...The barrier for buying footwear online is very high. ShoeSizeMe allows us to reduce this barrier by easing customers sizing doubts, lowering the barrier and in turn converting more sales and driving revenue. I look forward to growing Peter Kaiser alongside ShoeSizeMe over the next few years."

Rhian Nicholls, Web Building & Digital Marketing at Fairfax & Favor Ltd

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