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Increasing Conversion Rates for Globetrotter.de

Case Study

Discover how Globetrotter.de boosted conversion rates by 4.1x.

Globetrotter Ausrüstung was founded in Hamburg, Germany, in 1979 as an outdoor specialist shop. They are one of the largest vendors of outdoor and travel equipment in Europe.

Globetrotter partnered with ShoeSize.Me in 2015, deploying the Size Advisor in December of that year. Globetrotter chose ShoeSize.Me to offer a dedicated sizing solution for the footwear department, whilst continuing to use a competitor for apparel sizing.

Download the study to get the details about how our Size Advisor® helped Globetrotter to:

 ✔ Increase conversion rates
 ✔ Achieve low return rates


“...We chose ShoeSize.Me over other solutions for footwear, purely as it delivers significantly higher net revenues on our footwear sales, more of our customers use it and we’ve seen a significant reduction in returns. Having a footwear focused technology really pays out on the bottom line."

Myriam Seidt, Head of Shop Management and Development

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