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Increasing Conversion Rates for Fairfax & Favor

Case Study

Discover how Fairfax boosted conversion rates by 4.9x.


Fairfax & Favor is a young and up coming luxury British brand. Producing a wonderful range of excellently crafted footwear.

Fairfax & Favor have been using the ShoeSizeMe Size Advisor since March 2019 achieving drastic improvements on return rates along with increasing revenues.

Download the study to get the details about how our Size Advisor® helped Fairfax & Favor to:

 ✔ Reduce return rates
 ✔ Increase revenues

“...ShoeSizeMe is a fantastic way to reassure our customers. Buying online, although the norm, can still be a pretty daunting task especially for new customers. This plug in gave them the confidence that they were buying right, first time."

Rhian Nicholls, Web Building & Digital Marketing at Fairfax & Favor Ltd